Thursday, August 15, 2013


On Monday, I passed the CWNA (PW0-105) exam.

While I have decided to sit out v2 of the CCIE Wireless, I do not want my skills to atrophy completely.  I had considered focusing on CCNP Wireless, but since most of my certifications are Cisco-oriented, and since I had passed CCIE Written, it seemed to me like looking at 802.11 from a different perspective was a good idea.

CCIE Wireless is focused mostly on configuration.  This makes sense - the exam is designed to ensure you know Cisco's product inside and out, which means understanding their interpretation of the 802.11 protocol.  The best way to do demonstrate this is to prove that you know all the nuances of configuring their equipment.

CWNP has a different focus, though, since it is a vendor-neutral certification.  Their focus is more on ensuring that candidates have a solid understanding of the RF characteristics that underlie the vendor's implementation of 802.11.  I am hoping that by developing a better understanding of RF, I can gain valuable insight into understanding why Cisco approaches it from their perspective - and effectively gain a better knowledge of their product.

I still have the goal of reaching CCIE Wireless.  I'm just taking a less direct approach to it at this point.

Next on my radar - CWDP!

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