Monday, July 19, 2010

CCIE Wireless: Autonomous AP Configuration

Should I use GUI, CLI, or both?!

While preparing for the Autonomous AP portion of the CCIE Wireless lab I have come across a puzzling problem - what interface to use to configure the APs!

It's not a simple question, in my mind.  I've always been a command-line guy, as I find it much quicker.  However, in preparing for a test of this nature it becomes obvious that CLI also gives you more to remember...  And while I'm used to configuring wireless bridges using CLI, almost all of the APs I configure these days use GUI (CAPWAP through WLCs).  The GUI is different enough on an autonomous AP that I get a bit lost; for them I have generally stuck to the CLI as much as possible and just referenced the GUI when I get stuck.

I am going to focus on CLI, but ensure that I am comfortable using GUI as well.  If nothing else, it is easier to study CLI on my bus trips to/from work ;)  

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